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The latest version of Primavera P6 is version 19.12 released publicly in December 2019. New versions of Primavera P6 on-premise are released in December each year. The latest version of Primavera P6 (cloud) is 19.12 released in December 2019. Oracle releases updates to Primavera P6 cloud monthly.

Few Pre-Requisites to begin with are,

Here’s what you’ll need to get started with downloading Primavera P6:

  1. A working copy of Windows 7 / 8 / 10. 
  2. Enough free disk space which is around 800 megabytes for the downloads and installation files.

Primavera P6 installs with a database in the backend.

We’ll be installing the SQLite version which is very straightforward to install.

The Installation procedures follows right away

Browse for Oracle Delivery in Google and make sure you go to the URL

STEP 1: Get started with Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and either Sign in if you are already registered or Sign Up if you are new user.

STEP 2: Register Your Oracle Account

STEP 3:  After Registration make sure you receive an Email from Oracle and verify your Email address in order to continue Login.

STEP 4: Login with your credentials

STEP 5: After Logging In make sure you reach this page.

STEP 6: Type Primavera P6 Professional Project Management Version 19.12 in the search bar and select it appropriately as it is enabled for Microsoft 64bit architecture(x64).

STEP 7: Make sure you accept the License Agreement.

STEP 8: Continue to download the Software with Oracle Download Manager.

STEP 9: Download the below files in a specified folder.

STEP 10: Extract the Zip Files.

STEP 11 : Go to the Indicated Folder as mentioned below ,choose the Setup.exe file and Run as administrator.

STEP 12: Choose Typical installation as mentioned below.

STEP 13 : Choose Run Database Configuration in order to configure the Database as stand alone installation .

STEP 14 : Choose P6 Pro Standalone(SQLite) as driver type from the dropdown menu.

STEP 15 : Configure PMDB Database as Add new standalone database as mentioned below.

STEP 16: Enter new password for your database

STEP 17: Continue to configure PMDB database connection successful.

STEP 18: Choose P6 Professional 19  from the installed programmes and Run it.


STEP 19: Continue to Plug in the credentials as Login name,Password and  Connect to continue.

STEP 20: Choose Admin, Admin Preferences,Industry,Choose your appropriate Industry.

Make sure you installed Primavera P6 Professional version.

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