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project management dashboard is a data dashboard that displays key performance indicators pertaining to specific projects. A project management dashboard can display metrics for a project’s overall performance and progress, or highlight particular problems that require further attention. This type of dashboard is ideal for individual departments that want to monitor the success of projects and campaigns. This project management dashboard template provides a quick glance at important project information, including a timeline, project financials, risk analysis, open issues, and further more.

The dashboard format creates a graphical report so that data is easy to view and understand. This is a constructive tool for creating visual presentations, communicating with stakeholders, and streamlining project management.

The construction dashboard provides accurate and real-time information on the most critical areas and assets of your business. With the ability to customize your dashboard, you can analyze the construction project metrics that are relevant to your business.

Top features to look for in a project management dashboard.

Selecting the right project management dashboard for your team can be tricky. Deciding what metrics, you want to include on your dashboard are ultimately dependent on your project objectives, but choosing a dashboard software that can adapt to fit your many projects on the go should be decided prior. The following are few feature characteristics to look for in a project management dashboard solution:


Whereas in depth reporting is meant to uncover specifics, project management dashboards should be built with scalability in mind. Scan-ability means that users are able to look at dashboards and in seconds decipher the information they need. Scan-ability ties into the importance of TV project management dashboards because it places data at the forefront of your team’s performance, thereby enabling quick action on issues and opportunity.


A user-friendly platform is important because you want people to enjoy and get value out of using the dashboard. Make sure the interface will be one that seamlessly fits into your team’s day, so that it does not seem as an add on or disruption to workflow. When considering user-friendliness, also think about dashboard design: is the platform visually appealing? If it is, it’s more likely your team will use it regularly.


Customization refers to how the project dashboard connects with the platforms and services your team uses daily. If the dashboard does not connect to a service you use, make sure the dashboard software allows you to create your own connector or perhaps switch to a similar service that the platform integrates. You should not give up key services for your project management dashboard, it should easily integrate with how your business already manages data.


Flexibility for project management dashboards refers to accessibility. Just like projects, your team and yourself, are always on the go. Displaying your project management dashboard on a TV alone is not enough. A project management dashboard should be accessible on a variety of interfaces such as TV, mobile, tablet and email. Your team should be able to access the dashboard at home, at the office or at a client meeting to stay on top of things.

Construction Dashboard:

Construction dashboard provides a quick glance at important project information, including a project milestone, project duration, timeline, project financial status, variation orders, project s curve, project interim payment application status, risk register, critical issue’s log, manpower histogram, project baseline updates, project weekly updates, equipment histogram, summary of engineering submittals and project progress pictures.

And few of the dashboard requisites are highlighted below,

Project Milestones

This section includes the project information along with all the project milestones and approved extension of time and also the proposed EOT.

Project Duration

Total duration of the project is reflected in this pie chart which includes approved EOT and balance duration

Financial status

Project financial status are displayed which includes original contract value, approved variations if any and claimed amount as approved payment application.

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